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In 2016 a motivated and entrepreneurial 13 year old called Lucca, started a small organic juices company with his Father, a seasoned beverage expert, selling at events throughout the DFW metroplex with their beverage bicycle. Their award winning beverages were an instant hit with their customers. However, school and sports demanded more of Lucca’s time and his Dad's business was growing exponentially. As a result, the venture was put on the back burner. 


Fast forward to 2020 and a chance meeting between Lucca, his father and Livvy, an outgoing and eager to learn 11 year old and her Father, an international strategic consultant, led to an idea with the goal of creating an extraordinary beverage bicycle and exotic beverage business. 


Lucca & Livvy Premium Beverages was born, improving upon the original bike design with a patented nitrogen infuser and partnering with Nitro-Press Infusions, delivering the finest quality nitrogen infused beverages to myriad events across the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex and beyond.

All of the organic juices, teas and cold brew coffees are prepared fresh for every occasion and we will work with you to ensure you make the right selection for your guests. We love serving our beverages and seeing the smiles and amazed looks on our clients' faces when they try the exotic beverages for the first time. We can't wait to hear from you and be a part of your next event. Please note Lucca & Livvy do not serve at more adult themed events such as weddings and corporate events, a trained professional server will attend. 

In our quest to help other aspiring entrepreneurs, we have teamed up with a Dallas based franchise specialist, whose goal is to help budding, hungry people to realize their dreams of owning a business and managing a P&L. Please visit our Franchise page for more information on this incredible opportunity. 

Thank you,

Lucca & Livvy.....and Dads! 

Lucca & the original 2016 design

organic lemonade juices

Livvy proudly working the taps in 2020

organic juices

Lucca's first award in 2016

organic lemonade award
beverage event
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