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The majority of franchises are not suitable for first time business owners or those with limited financial backing, due to the cost of purchasing the franchise and the time it takes to go from signing the franchise agreement to generating revenue. By moving to a licensing agreement and taking all the processes in house and working with local partners, our approach to cost cutting means we pass on the lowest possible entry price to the licensee.


Our process enables you, the licensee to go from signing up, to receiving your Lucca & Livvy’s Beverage Bike with all the necessary equipment in the shortest time period possible, so you are ready to book events and generate business immediately. 


Our goal is to provide a turnkey and affordable license for motivated and hungry potential business owners, to realise the American dream and become financially independent in their lives.



Proudly in association with...

Our original bike, as seen in all the images will remain the flagship at certain Dallas based events, however it became clear early on, that a two wheel design was a little unstable and difficult to maneuver for our Licensees. As a result, we have partnered with Bunch Bikes, who are located close to us, here in Dallas and share a passion for quality engineering and amazing service. Bunch Bikes have designed and built a three wheel bicycle and bar, specifically for us that is electrically assisted to help pedaling power. The design cues are still closely related to our original design but much more user friendly and easier to work with. 

Bunch Bikes recently appeared on Shark Tank and we are delighted to be working with such a dynamic and forward thinking company to supply our Lucca & Livvy bicycles going forwards. 

The bar is made with marine grade ply wood, designed to be lightweight and durable. The easy clean Formica top is ideal for serving beverages. The nitro taps are made from commercial grade stainless steel. The bar is insulated and includes the patented nitro infuser hardware and regulator to hook up the kegs and start to pour the perfect Nitro Press Infusions beverages. 



If you want to become a business owner, want to be part of an amazing story, love to serve premium products to wonderful customers and want financial freedom then you are exactly who our company is looking to license to.


Lucca & Livvy Premium Beverages is owned and operated by a motivated and customer focused team. Our company goal is to service the market with locally crafted beverages and our team of experts are here to help small business owners realize their business dreams. 

Please contact us to discuss further.

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